Change of route, cruises!

We grandly inform you that the boat ride will have its replacement, all thanks to the botels miss director, which secured us a replacement boat from nearby (~300m) dock. Boats name is Európé and is docking here. The boat will be sailing tomorrow at 13:00 (1PM). Boarding the ship will be possible from 12:45. Boat tickets for boat ride 1 and 2 are both valid, as there will be only one boat ride because of the ship can take us all at once. In case you don't have your boat ticket anymore, bring your badge with you, as we have a list of all boat ride attendees.


The checkout from the botel is standardly until 12:00, but it's no deal if you check out before 13:00, in other words before you board the ship. If you have any luggages with you, you can store them in the room 01, 02 or 03 until we return from the sail. The rooms will be locked at 12:45 and opened again when we return from the boat ride.




Dear furries!

The outing is almost here, and we bring you another dose of very important informations.

The water will be disposed by our water helpers with carts during the outing. If you are a fursuiter or his helper, feel free to come for fresh water and a straw at any time. However, for keeping the walking smooth we'd like to ask you to do so mostly during selected resting pauses.

The weather forecast promises rain on Saturday so far. Because of that, we'd like to ask you to bring as many umbrellas as you can with you, and if it starts raining, grab your favourite fursuiter and cover him so his fur don't get wet.

We'd like to announce that the AfterParty ticket is valid only with an outing badge. Without a badge visibly placed you won't be allowed to enter the AfterParty.

Due to capacity of boats we had to move some attendees from first boat ride to the second one. List of the attendees and their assignment to the boat fares is available here.  ( list is final. We're sorry for any inconveniecnes.

In conclusion, the most important part - the START of the walking part of the outing will be places in the Stromovka park, on the parking lot at the Císařský ostrov bridge (see the map bellow). We start at 13:30. Please keep in mind that the road has to remain free!



Dear outing goers.

We regretfully announce that the walking part of the outing has to be cancelled with regards to the new bill regulating street performance (busking). Despite our effort to arrange the walking part, the Prague 1 office showed mistrust towards our goal and prohibitted us to walk the planned route.

First of all, we'd like to thank you for your shown trust and patience. We're happy to announce that we've found an alternative route for our outing, which will be placed in the Royal Game Reserve, or as locals call it, Stromovka.

With the new location, the mean of transportation unfortunately had to change as well. Instead of sailing the boat, you'll be transported by rented buses from private company from the Botel to the Stromovka park. Don't worry though, the ride is short and the boat ticket is valid on the bus as well.


After many messages and questions from you we've decided to add the boat ride back to the program. Unfortunatelly, because of the location of walking parade, the boat ride will be scheduled after the parade has ended, apart from the main program. Due to operating reasons the Rhapsody boat won't be available for sailing, instead of which there will be a smaller ship Regina running twice.

The plan:
- start of the outing will be held at the Albatros Botel
- registered attendees with prepaid boat tickets will be taken to the Stromovka park by rented private buses, where the walking parade starts
- after the end of the walking parade, attandees with prepaid boat tickets will be taken back to the Albatros Botel by rented private buses
- after the rented private buses will arrive back to the Albatros Botel, the first of the two boat journeys starts. Attendees with prepaid boat tickets will board the first rented private boat and will be taken on a sail across the Vltava river. After their arrival back to the Albatros Botel, boarding for the second ride starts.
- short after the arrival of a second boat, the afterparty starts.

Due to the high demand, we will be arranging boat cruise as well. For the same reason, however, the announced surprise at the Stromovka park had to be cancelled. The bus and boat tickets will not be available for purchase on site

For proper load distribution, we have to ask you to choose whether you prefer the first or second boat ride in the linked Google form. Please have in mind that your preferred variant might not be available and you can be placed in a different boat ride without precedent notice. You can choose your prefered boat ride variant until 30th October 2019, 7PM CET, after that it will be assigned automatically.…/1z2bu_HbgjsrsL8qHH8720yKWrXkJbXE…/

Once again, thank you so much for your patience and trusting us during the last days. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!