Fursuit Halloween Prague 2019


2nd of November 2019


Dear furries. 

We're returning back to the magical, historical centre of Prague this year, and we've prepared an exceptional route for you. 

Prague is inherently connected with its river, Vltava, which is flowing through the whole city. Bedřich Smetana thought of it as his muse. And we will try to raise this muse in you as well. For this case, our whole route this year will be held around this symbol of our capital city, on land, and on water itself as well. 



Walking part of the outing is public and registration for it is not mandatory. You have to register only if you are a fursuiter, you want an accomodation, attend to an afterparty or cruise on the ship or if you want to be a sponsor. 

Registration will start on 2nd of September from 8PM. Make sure you read our FAQ before you register! If you wish to park your car nearby, take a look at the list of recommended parking spots.



Each year we're trying to provide you something extra, whether from refreshment section or themed decorations. Many things can be arranged by a good word with the authorities, for other we have to turn our pockets upside down. 

If you are willing to contribute on the event, you can help us pay for the refreshment for fursuiters or many little things that helps us organise the event. Your good will will be rewarded with a little keepsake from our moony princess. 


Outing route - Please follow the news section!


[10:30 - 12:30] Attendee envelopes pick-up
Are you registered as a fursuiter, sponsor, afterparty attendee or have a boat ticket paid? Come pick your mysterious envelope right across the reception of Botel

[11:30 - 12:30] Opening of the changing cabins
The changing cabins are located inside of the rooms 01, 02 and 03 on the Botel. Please don’t stall during the changing and don’t leave any of your belongings inside!

[11:30 - 12:30] Lunch
Lunch for accomodated guests who've selected it during the registration

[12:30 - 13:10] Bus transport for ticket holders to Stromovka
There will be rented busses leaving Botel for Stromovka every five minutes. Those of you, who intend to use this transport, please try to fill them without undue delay or leaving an empty seats. Picking up the tickets and sponsor packages will be possible after the end of the walking part of the outing as well, from 15:45 till 17:15. After that, you will still be able to pick up the packages at the start of the Afterparty from 19:00 in the Botel restaurant. Unpicked badges and packages will be destroyed after 23:00.

[13:30 - 15:30] The walking part at Stromovka
After assembling the outing goers at the start of the route, we’ll have a short opening talk and roll out to the pleasant Stromovka along to the marked route on the map. There we will be able to soak in the calmness and goof around as we please, except for the ban of going off road or ban of going to the construction site along the way.
The parade will be accompanied by two water carts which will offer the suiters bottled water to freshen up on the go.

[15:30 - 16:10] Return of the ticket holders to the Botel
Those interested in bus trips to Botel will be taken back in the same manner as when arriving - every five minutes. Just as then, we ask you to fill as soon and as full as possible.
In case you are scheduled for first boat fare, please try to take earlier busses so that we don’t sail off without you.

Cruise ship on Sunday, via news!

[19:00 until the morning] Afterparty at the Botel
The outing and the boat trip are followed by none other than the haunted afterparty, where you’ll be awaited by hot and cold banquet, pleasant crew at the bar, and a small raffle.


Dressing room and depository

For your convenience, there will be a dressing room and drying room prepared and open two hours before the departure of the first ship. This dressing room is located at the Botel Albatros.

The dressing room is quite small so we politely ask you, who have a room on the Botel, to get dressed in your own rooms. We also ask you to get dressed in time - the ship can not and will not wait for anybody.

During the event, we offer to store your belongings in a locked room. Take in mind however that we take no responsibility for any looses.


Organisator reserves the right to change route of the outing.



Text: Moondancer, Toanir, Shitty

Translation: Shitty, Toanir

Picture - Charles Bridge at night; Author: Marc-Olivier Giguere; License: Creative Commons

Picture: Memburu; Fursuiter: Whiskey

Picture: Prague Boats