Prague, CZE

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Halloween Outing?

Halloween Outing (shortly HO) is a furry outing, taking place in the heart of Prague. It is a walk for members of the furry community through the streets of historical Prague. Whether you are a fursuiter or just a fan, come walk with us, hug us, or take a picture with your favorite fursuiters and friends.


Is it required to register for Halloween Outing?

No. You may join the Halloween outing without any registration and anywhere on route.


May I participate if I won't be of legal age on the day of the outing?

Yes, however, KRAZ z.s. bears no responsibility for you, as the outing is a public event. If you are not of a legal age, we advise your parents to supervise.


Is transport to the start of the Outing secured?

Shuttle to the start of the Outing is secured only for Fursuit Halloween Prague attendees from their place of stay.


Is there a dressing/storage room secured at the place of the Outing?

No, unfortunately, the disposition of the outing does not allow us to secure a dressing/storage room.


Will there be refreshments for the suiters?

Yes, bottled water and sweets for replenishing your lost energy will be available on place at our helpers.


I’d like to participate but I don't have a fursuit.

Most of the furries don’t have a fursuit and don’t even plan it. It is okay to just come, watch, play, speak, take photos or hug with your favourite suiters. Feel free to come in your human self and enjoy the outing with us.


What to avoid at the outing?

It is not wanted to bring any leather fursuits, latex suits or fursuits leaving your bare skin uncovered. Do not wear any BDSM utilities or tools or devices directly related to fetishes (leather harnesses, leads or similar).


I’d like to join the Outing, but I need accommodation.

The best way is to register to our affiliated event, Fursuit Halloween Prague, that secures accommodation right in the historical center of Prague and a shuttle to the place of the Outing.


What are the rules for Halloween Outing?

Binding rules can be found here.