Prague, CZE


Who are we

KRAZ z.s. has been organizing furry related activities for years now, such as KRAZ, MiniCon, or our newest Furrstein. Now we’d like to invite you to our most visited event so far Halloween outing, the biggest outing in Europe with complete facilities provided by our Fursuit Halloween Prague.


Our outing is the biggest furry outing in Europe. We are firmly proud of that and continue this tradition for years now. The 2019 outing was attended by 245 fursuiters from all over the world with over 200 other attendees joining us. The 2020 and 2021 outing was cancelled due to the pandemic situation. Help us break our previous record this year!

Our outing is a public event with possibility to join for anyone obeying the organizers instructions. You can tell them apart from other attendees by their reflective vests, further divided by a colour on the bottom side. Red vests are for organizers, green vests are for helpers, blue ones are for water distributors, and an orange vest marks our medic.

There'll be free water and small snacks to replenish the lost energy during the outing for all fursuiters. You will be given some at any time you ask, but to keep the flow of the outing uninterrupted, we kindly ask you to wait for the refreshments breaks along the way, as there will be many. The matter of hygiene is important to us, thus you will be given a new water bottle each time. We kindly ask you not to take more than you need, and if possible, to keep your bottle until you finish it. You can dispose of it later to the yellow plastic bins, or give it back to our water distributors which will take care of it later. For any cases of need, the disinfection will be available as well.

Last but not least, we kindly ask you not to wear any leather suits, harnesses of any kind, dog or other leather or rubber masks, as well as fursuits intentionally exposing the bare skin. As stated above, the outing is a public event, and none of these things represents the fandom in the way we'd want. Latex or leather suits are considered as a part of a fetish and don't belong on the streets with public furry outing. Being guided or guiding someone on a leash is unwanted as well.