I. Registration rules   

  1. The outing itself is a public event and there is no need for registration for the Kampa - Albatros Botel walking part. Recommended age for participating is 18+. 

  2. Entering the Afterparty is possible only for registered users at, which are accepted and have paid the entrance fee. Each physical person can be registered only once. 

  3. The organizers reserve the right not to reject any registration at their sole discretion. 

  4. Requested personal data are mandatory to fulfill righteous commitments of KRAZ z.s. Other information is processed in accordance with consent given during the registration.

  5. Official means of communication between organizer and attendee is email. The attendee is responsible for correctness and availability of their email address.

  6. Registration can not be cancelled after it is paid. It can be however transferred to different attendee (see FAQ) or left to expire.

  7. Attendees must be of full age (18 years or older, by the czech law) to attend the afterparty.

  8. KRAZ z.s. is not responsible for any unregistered attendees. Attendance on Fursuit Halloween Prague is optional and on each attendees own responsibility.

  9. KRAZ z.s. reserves the right to cancel walking part of outing in case it is unviable because of bad weather or due to other higher force. In such case, attendee is not entitled for a refund of payment sent to KRAZ z.s..

  10. These rules are binding to all attendees and agreement with them is a requirement to attend the event


II. Outing rules

  1. Official languages of the Fursuit Halloween Prague event is Czech and English. All important notices will be presented in those languages. It is expected that the attendee is capable of speaking at least one of them. 

  2. Every attendee is required to obey the orgateam and helpers team instructions, as well as the local authorities. 

  3. Organizers are labeled with red ORGATEAM lanyard. Helpers are labeled with orange HELPER lanyard. If you encounter any problem, a question, or you will feel harassed or threatened, immediately seek for a help from any member of the Orgateam or Helpers team. 

  4. All attendees are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations of the state and the city, not to put other attendees or citizens in danger, or harass them. Attendees are also required to obey the orgateam and helpers team instructions, as well as the local authorities. 

  5. Attendees must not interrupt the program or harass other attendees or citizens by their behavior. 

  6. Attendees are required to adjust their behavior and clothing in advance with the whole event. Attendees must not wear latex, leather or similar themed costumes, as they might be considered as a fetish. 

  7. Attendees not registered at the Albatros Botel are strictly prohibited to sleeping in there. Attendees registered at the Albatros Botel are strictly prohibited to let unregistered attendees sleep in their room. 

  8. It is prohibited to use any illegal substances anywhere in the Albatros Botel. 

  9. It is prohibited to consume alcohol not bought at the hotel bar anywhere in the public places of the Albatros Botel. 

  10. Smoking on Albatros Botel is allowed only at places specifically destined and labeled. 

  11. In case of serious violation of rules the organizers are allowed to expel any attendee from the afterparty or the event itself. In this case, there is no claim for a refund. 

  12. Attendee can appeal against the organizer's decision to the event commission. The commission's decision is final.