Price list

Boarding ticket to the boat trip, route: Botel Albatros - Kampa Island. If we cancel the part by foot, the trip will return to the Albatros Boat. 300 CZK
You will help making the convention and also receive a free sponsor badge. 1,000 CZK
Ticket to the afterparty at Albatros boat, hot and cold buffet, furdance 480 CZK
Accomodation on the hotel where party takes place in for one person and 2 nights. Plus a ticket to the afterparty (hot and cold buffet, furdance) 1,480 CZK
Saturday and Sunday lunch 340 CZK
fursuiters only 50 CZK
To cover the internation bank wire transfer fees. 100 CZK
non EUR payments 150 CZK