When does registration open?

Registration opens on 2.9.2019, od 20:00 CEST.

Do I have to register?

We write about it here, in the Attending section.

Can I attend even if I don’t register and haven’t paid anything?

Yes - the outing itself (the walking part on land) is completely free.

Can i support Fursuit Halloween Prague in any way?

There are several options how to support us. You can lend us a paw directly and help with a smooth sailing during outing and afterparty as an official helper.

You can also opt-in to be a sponsor during registration, which will help us to pay for the equipment and to feed the local fursuiters.

We reward every kind of help by a thematic lanyard or a unique memento.

My registration number exceeds amount of maximum afterparty goers, accommodation beds or boat tickets, and my registration has not been accepted yet. What do I do?

Keep calm and don’t panic. Check the waiting list regularly for your nickname, where you can keep track of applicants waiting for their registration to be accepted in the section Awaiting registrations. If any of the pre-approved registrations gets cancelled for any reason, its spot goes to the first applicant on the waiting list..

If your registration expires, for example if you fail to meet the payment deadline, you can create a new registration. By doing this, however, you risk that you won’t get through the waiting list.

Can I cancel my paid registration, or refund some of its paid items?

This is not possible for organizational reasons. It is, however, possible to transfer paid registration to any other attendee. Let the orgateam know about this by the contact form.

The receiving person must have a registration or be in the waiting list. Any financial or other liabilities are to be sorted between the attendees - the orgateam is not a mediator.

During the registration transfer, the receiver acquires a new registration with all the paid items of original registration, such as accommodation, board, boat fare).

Note: Please state your personal details such as legal name or date of birth correctly during the registration. We use these details to verify the age, identify attendees for accommodation or to pair payments. If you fail to provide real data, your registration will be cancelled.




When and where is the start of the route?

The public part of the route starts in the dock at Kampa. There is however earlier start for fursuiters, sponsors, orgateam and those with ticket to boat ride. For these the route starts at the Botel Albatros.

I am not a fursuiter or a sponsor, can I still get on the boat ride?

The capacity is limited to 250 - 310 creatures. TIckets will be offered by priority to:

  1. registered fursuiters,

  2. sponsors,

  3. orgateam a helpers,

  4. others.

Can I attend even though I am under 18 years?

Yes, but take note that KRAZ z.s., as the organizer, does not take any responsibility for you. We recommend you to take parents or someone responsible with you. The afterparty is strictly 18+ to avoid mishaps such as with serving alcohol.

Are there any refreshments for fursuiters?

The registered fursuiters will have access to mineral water, driven in special carts by our helpers. There will be two of these carts and during the outing, you will be offered refreshments any time you come to our carts.

In order to keep outing smooth, we ask you to refrain from lollygagging outside of planned refreshment stops, there will be many.

The hygiene is an important cause for us and we’ll always give you a new, unopened bottle. For this reason, we ask you not to take more than you need and if possible, hold on your bottle until you finish it.

We also care about tidiness and we ask you to either recycle empty plastic bottles into yellow containers in the city or to return them to our carts.

I’d like to attend but I don’t have a fursuit. Is that ok?

Lots of furries don’t own a suit and some don’t even want one. To most, the important part is to just get together with or hug the fursuiters, take a picture with them and just enjoy the moment. We will be glad if you come just as you are and enjoy the outing with other creatures.

Whole-leather suits, latex suits or suits that intentionally leave your skin showing do not belong to the outing. The outing is open to the public and these just do not represent the light we want to be seen in.

Latex, leather or similar suits are considered to be a fetish and, in our opinion, belong behind closed doors, not in public. The same applies to being walked on a leash




When is my payment due?

You have to pay up within 10 days of registration confirmation. If you fail to do so, your registration will be cancelled without previous notice. The latest date for your payment to be received is 31.10.2019.

More info about your payment can be found on your profile. If you sent the payment and worry that it might not arrive in time, please let the orgateam know with a confirmation of payment.

Is it possible to join payments for multiple attendees into one transaction?
For international payments, it is possible to save transaction and conversion fees by paying for multiple attendees. When creating the payment include complete ID (variable symbol in payment information) of yours and IDs of other attendees for whom you are paying in the Message for recipient separated by a comma.

Why isn’t the afterparty free?

Because there will be hot and cold banquet included in the price and the food will be periodically replenished.

As a fursuiter, can I get dressed or keep my belongings on place?

There is a dressing room for fursuiters right at the Botel. We ask accommodated fursuiters to get dressed at their rooms to leave room for the rest. Capacity of the dressing room is not too great, so we ask the attendees not to get dressed at the last minute. During the outing, your belongings will be locked in a designated room. Take a note that KRAZ. z.s. is not responsible for any losses.

Storage of belongings is also possible for afterparty attendees for its duration up until 02:00, Sunday. Any lost-and-founds will be announced via the official Telegram channel.

Is it possible to pay for registration on the consite?

No. KRAZ. z.s. currently does not accept any payments in cash and neither has a credit card terminal. Please make all payments via transaction in accordance with provided instructions. 

This does not apply to parking fees, which are to be paid directly to the hotel at the reception.



Can I take my dog to the hotel / afterparty?

No, your pets have to stay at home.

Is the outing wheelchair accessible?

Outing itself is completely wheelchair friendly. The afterparty, by the nature of the location, is unfortunately not.

Does the afterparty have headless lounge?

The fursuiters will have access to a headless lounge, where you can get yourself dried, take a break and refresh yourself. Fursuiters are free to take any snacks and refreshments in this room.

Do I get a badge?

There are lanyards for the orgateam and helpers, afterparty attendees and sponsors. If you qualify for a lanyard, come pick it up before the early start.

How do I upload a picture for my badge?

You can upload the image manually from your personal page (on the website), where you can enter the name and password.

The image used must meet the following conditions:

• Supported formats: JPEG, PNG (transparency will be ignored), GIF, TIFF.

• Maximum size: 2 MB

• Recommended dimensions: 1125 × 1500 px (W x H, aspect ratio 3: 4). Images will be adjusted to the correct size and eventually cropped. Too small a picture will blur when scaling up. In your own interest, upload big enough images.