Fursuit Halloween Prague


has a long tradition. It takes places in the heart of Europe, in beautiful historical center of the capital of Czech Republic - Prague.

We will guide you through historical center and most popular tourist destinations. We're not going to forget to visit picturesque places hidden from normal tourists. It's said that Prague is a town of hundreds towers and many faces. We're going to prove it to you!

Join us and enjoy this unusual outing. But don't forget to attend the traditional afterparty. The night Prague is very different. Enjoy it with your old and also new friends, which you may meet at the party.

The primary organizer of outing is Moondancer.




2011-2013: Non topic (10-25 fursuiters)

2014: The Begging Skleton (65 fursuiters)

2015: Voodoo (93 fursuiters)

2016: The Ghost Ship (96 fursuiters)

2017: The Faust's House (99 fursuiters)

2018: The Legend of Horymír and Šemík (175 fursuiters)

2019: Faceless nun



Outing theme: Faceless nun

If you happen to be around the Monastery of St. Agnes of Bohemia in Josefov during the magical evening hours, be on your guard and you might spot the murdered nun. Nun with no face.

She appears around her home monastery, close enough to the Botel Albatros, although she also likes the places like Charles’ bridge, old streets of Malá strana and the walls of neighboring cemeteries. Sometimes she even appears on photographs without being seen before.

This daughter of wealthy noble grievously fell in love with a poor knight. Her father disapproved with their wedding and as a punishment, she was sent to the Monastery of St. Agnes of Bohemia where she ghostly remains until this very day. The day before her departure, she listened to her heart and went to see her beloved one last time but with him, her father stood there as well and in a fury, he pierced her for bringing shame upon him.

Since that day, this killed nun haunts surroundings of the Monastery of St. Agnes. Worry not though, she won’t hurt you… unless you stare where her face used to be, that she disrelishes.


Text: Moondancer, Toanir, Shitty

Translation: Shitty, Toanir

Icon picture: Lemon Jaguar

Picture: Story media, The Faceless Nun